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My Philosophy for NFTs

I understand the digital nature of this new arena and embrace it, but still remain rooted in traditional creative methods as the foundation. This doesn't just refer to the file I create but what a person will receive when first purchasing the work from me. They will receive the digital file NFT as well as the signed original of the work that NFT is derived from.

A Love Supreme

Drawing done in a single continuous line using traditional pen and ink. Portrait of John Coltrane and title from one of his most important albums.


Ziggy Stardust

Portrait of David Bowie in one continuous line. Traditionally drawn, ink on paper. 


"A Strange Loop" - Single Continuous Line Drawing of Elon Musk

The title "A Strange Loop" is inspired by the title of a book by Douglas Hofstadter ("I am a strange loop")


Difficult Questions

Portrait of Socrates in one line. One of the early masters of probing beliefs exposing the hubris of certainty. It is difficult to "know" but the discomfort with uncertainty is necessary to make sure your own lenses aren't clouded by biases and preconceptions. Of course no one is really free of these things but the more comfortable you get at asking and answering difficult questions with honesty, the less of an influence these illusions and fallacies will have. 


The Great Alexander

Portrait of Alexander the Great.

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