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About The Collective

We are not the same person we were 5 minutes ago, let alone 5 years ago. Change is the only constant. Cell replacement and lessons learned (or not) each press their fingers into our clay.

This isn’t to suggest that we are blank-slates or grains of pollen subservient to some sort of cosmic Brownian motion; only that even the most solid definition of ourselves would have to include growth and decay to be accurate. Regardless of where you stand on the subject of free-will, it is this central figure inside our minds, this ghost in the machine labelled ‘I’ that is more a conduit for these experiences. Through our ideas and passions we direct the flow of these experiences, playing both a part in – and being a result of these waves. But our ever-changing nature doesn’t end there.

The face we present to a lover will be different than the one we present to our friends, family, colleagues, or strangers. The face isn’t just a mask – it is the actor beneath as well. Our roles can influence our thoughts and actions, and by extension the lessons we learn. Excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters dampened, emphasized or silenced in relation to everything from the place we are in a hierarchy to the connection we feel with those specifically around us…nailing down what makes us ‘US’ as a single entity becomes impossible the longer you think about it.

I’ve always been very conscious of the many different parts of my own personality. Sometimes I’m supremely confident, and other moments I’m riddled with doubt. There are periods where I feel bold action is absolutely necessary and other opportunities which are better explored in a circumspect fashion. These are more than just context dependent occurrences. It is not just that I’m coldly looking at a situation and analyzing for the most optimal response, it is that I’m a different chess player looking at the board – and while I try to do the best with the situation I’ve been given, the direction of this decision making process can change depending on which version of me is present.

There are common threads woven throughout these other instantiations of myself. There is the philosophy regarding the underlying unity of knowledge, a passion for a variety of subjects “outside” of Art, and the idea that because of this unity, the act of spending less time on one single thing won’t detract from the others. The lessons I learn competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will carry over into Art, Chess, Philosophy, Writing, Languages, Go etc. and so on.

So to this end I’ve split myself into a number of different Artists. All of the work on this website is “mine” and while currently the number of separate personalities is 5, there are quite a number of dormant creators in my head filled with ideas and inspirations. These other characters will surface over time as I expand my conceptual territory.

If you have any questions or would like to work together on a project please don't hesitate to contact me.

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